Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New ZEISS iPhone camera lens Unveiled

This month ZEISS and Fellowes marks a new series of iPhone camera lenses have imagined they have created user to offer a premium mobile photography accessories in the form of three new high-performance add-on smartphone lenses.

The area was at the recent CES 2016 technology show in Las Vegas, and consist of a ZEISS iPhone ExoLens wide angle lens and macro and telephoto lens especially with Carl Zeiss optics presented.

The lenses are designed to be used with a clip that has been machined aluminum for ExoLens area specially created and run. The ExoLens console also has a meaningful standard tripod mount and an accessory shoe for mounting other accessories, if necessary.

Currently, the new ExoLens's area is for the Apple iPhone 6 / 6S and Apple iPhone 6 Plus / 6s available plus but support more devices are expected to be added in the future, but no details of device models or appointments have so far been uncovered. Dr. Winfried Scherle, head of the Carl Zeiss AG and head of the ZEISS brand Optics Group explains:

The new lenses are characterized by their ultra-modern design with smooth surfaces from black anodized aluminum made with white lettering. This is a logical continuation of the distinctive, innovative product design, embodying current family of ZEISS camera lenses. The modern design offers excellent optical properties and lenses meet the highest aesthetic standards.

The lenses of ExoLens with Carl Zeiss optics are the best currently available on the market. We have achieved the best technical balance between a small size, light weight and high image quality.

Unfortunately, so far no information on pricing or worldwide availability has been released yet, but as soon as information that we keep you updated as always comes to the fore.


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