Sunday, March 6, 2016

Home iP1 iPod Dock

If your a looking for a funky -dock for iPod or iPhone , then check the iHome iP1 iPod dock .

The iHome iP1 iPod dock has a 100W amplifier , two 4 -inch woofers and two 1 -inch tweeter , it comes with a remote control , and the housing is made form a smoked glass design .

It definitely looks pretty stylish from the photos , if you want one, they are available to pre-order for $ 299 from iHome .

The TraveLamp Phone

If you have a smartphone, then you have probably used the flashlight to find your way through a dark area. Usually this just means a trip to the bathroom at night, or you can use the key under the car seat, but we do not know where we would be at this point without it. If you like the idea, existing members love that always drawn light gizmos from multifunctional, and are in direction, then the idea of ​​your phone into a lamp of rotation is likely to be a tantalizing one.
This TraveLamp is a small telephone system, which looks like a lamp, and is your phone in one! The idea is that these soft white silicone is sitting on top of the flash, the detection and the light has prevailed from your phone and more evenly than the focused beam it spreads normally would be produced. The top of it looks like a chunky lamp, and the floor is an elastic band that to go over the phone, so that you can position the lamp properly. Since this is only $ 13 cost, it would make a great phone accessory be light, be a better source of illumination than just a flashlight. For example, it would help later to stay on the phone, without ruining the eyes by to give you some backlight your peripheral vision. This would also be useful to be late for work, reading or studying, if you worry about other people in the room or in the hallway. It is very nice and not too expensive if your situation dictate its usefulness for your life.

Friday, March 4, 2016

iFlyz iPhone Stand

If you used your iPhone into a plane or a train , then you know how hard it your iPhone be to get in the best position , so that you see one of your favorite movies .

A company called iFlyz has the solution with the media iFlyz iPhone stand that is designed to give you hands-free viewing of the iPhone .

It has a strong suction cup , the clamps on the back of your iPhone , it is also an adjustable clamp that allows you table clamp it leaves on a tray .

The iFlyz will go next month for around $ 30 in the sale ,

MiLi Power Pack for iPhone

Following the first part of our review of the MiLi Power Pack for the iPhone, I have had a good chance to test it in the last few days and see how well it performs to keep the iPhone juiced.

Overall, the MiLi Power Pack seems to do a good job on the charging of the iPhone, and it is sure to be useful when I go on vacation, because I seem to spend most of the time charge my iPhone.

The best part is that it will work with the 2G and 3G iPhone, which is quite handy as I use both, it's a little bulky, but I suppose that's a small price for the extra battery power to pay ,

The manufacturer claims that it will give you 350 hours standby time, up to 6 hours of tlak time on 3G or 12 hours on 2G, and that you get a an additional 6 hours of web browsing on 3G or 7 on Wifi.

They also claim that it will provide an additional 28 hours audio playback and up to an additional 8 hours of video playback, the only one that I have had a chance to test too far, is the video playback, I was in Being able to see 4 videos on it before it must be recharged, which is slightly more than 7 hours.

Overall, I think the MiLi Power Pack for iPhone is a great accessory for both the 2G and 3G iPhone especially if you are a heavy user, most of the time spent recharging it.

The MiLi Power Pack is available for £ 44.99 (about $ 62) from Juice Pack.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Portable iPhone Projector

If the screen on your iPhone 3G is not large enough to watch your favorite movies , then you may need one of the portable iPhone projectors .

The QingBar MP191 is capable of an image up to 37 inches can display with a resolution of 640 x 480 , and it also has a built in 2 -Watt- speakers .
It is compatible with the 2G and 3G iPhone and the iPod Touch and the standard iPod , and your iPod upload your movie while playing.

There is no word on pricing or availability yet .

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

iPhone document scanner

Check out these clever iPhone document scanner from the Cincinnati design student Kyle A Koch was taken so that he could simply take pictures with the iPhone documents.

The iPhone document scanner is made of cardboard, and it represents the iPhone at the right distance from paper to photograph it.

When I got my iPhone last year I loved everything important is in one place, and the ability of unneccesary devices, documents, to get rid of and the information that I kept with me. I would often photos of class assignments Snap printed on copy paper, so I lose, she would not care. The documents normally came pretty clear, but it was hard to keep still while take pictures. I made to do something, would ensure added the clean, consistent pictures of documents with the iPhone that would make free and easy on your own.

If you want to make your own, Kyle has uploaded instructions on how you are to make your own, full details can be found here.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The DLO Strap Wrap keeps your iPhone Safe

If you do travel a lot or on the road , then the DLO wrap could be the perfect accessory for your iPhone of iPod .
The StrapWrap keeps your device within easy reach for quick access when you need it , and secure storage if you do not.

From an iPod to a Blackberry , StrapWrap of universal design is suitable for use with most of your favorite little gadget up to 2.5 inches wide . And with two handy pockets , you have additional storage for your earbuds or headphones .

The StrapWrap has a broad , sturdy velcro and an adjustable clip for secure all-round stability attachment to a backpack or bag strap .