Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Handyscope app and gadget turns any iPhone into a Dermascope

Handyscope, dermascope, what is the difference? Handyscope is the optical system that turns your iPhone into a dermascope that can use a dermatologist right to examine your skin. But the whole device is not a native app that allows iPhone to watch his magnifying power to multiply for terrible acne.

Dermascopes actually are better suited for scanning cancerous growths on the skin surface. So please do not expect this to be best used on pimples a type of microscope. Nee. The dermascope really is to check a specialist best friend for a patient's condition. Skin cancer is no joke and can be very vicious. With the dermascope installed along with its app, magnification of up to 20X is possible.

Here is more explained by the advertising lights:

"Put simply, the handyscope on your iPhone, turn on the light, open the app and you are ready to start skin cancer screening. The lens is placed directly on the patient's skin, it is illuminated with polarized light. With only one keystroke can be images captured and viewed with a magnification of up to 20X. the brilliant dermoscopic photos show important details at a glance. This makes the decision whether a mole is harmless or suspicious. handyscope also improves communication, as the result of your can show patients. "

The handyscope is expected to debut in February and by this time their respective app can buy the Apple App Store.


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