Thursday, February 18, 2016

iFinger iPhone Stylus Pen

If you have a compact stylus for your iPhone or iPad Links International is going to solve the mentioned iFinger threatening a new pen .

However, not the Ifinger I'm not sure any used its advantages over leaving his finger except a fingerprint smear would offer . If the tip seems much to be on the rich side and not very built for accurate drawing .

I'm sure it will be great for navigation , but why use a pen for this . The only time I need a pen to be used when trying to accurately draw something that cant be reached with the finger in the way .

But if the look iFinger or Ozaki iFinger M to buy , since it will know . Will begin for about 23 $ shipping in Japan on July 17 . Unfortunately, there is no information on worldwide availablity , or even prices .

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