Thursday, February 18, 2016

iPhone Battery Charger

We have seen a number of different chargers for the iPhone here at Geeky Gadgets , and we have a few well tested that we've seen the latest one is about the coolest , the iPhone icon battery charger .

The iPhone icon battery charger is designed to look like to see the charging icon on the iPhone , and it lights up when you plug it into your iPhone .

" The symbol " , was inspired by the battery icon on iPhone , is designed specifically for the iPhone backup power solution . From " the icon" unique outlook and can extend your iPhone talk time to play up to 3 hours and audio up to 18 hours , it will be your best choice for the battery solution , not only outside appearance , but functionally solve the power problem daily use of the iPhone .

It does not look like ti is available to buy online yet , you can learn more details on the product page

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