Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mac LED light iNecklace

For those who are looking to give something special their loved ones who iNecklace is definitely must-give a. Especially if you love your sweetheart Tech, namely tech apple.
As you can see, the iNecklace has a power button on the lights. What you can not see is that it emulates the breathing LEDs on iMacs and MacBooks.

The chain is 18-inch sterling silver. Other than that, it is have to do too much value as far as precious stones or metals on his followers. The case is none other than aluminum, and a battery for its shine required. The battery is rechargeable, but I'm not sure how.
If this iNecklace becomes popular, I would not be surprised if we see a iRing, iEarrings, iBracelet, or another type of iBling. All of them would have this vibrant breath of light. I could totally see Ke $ ha draped in this, or Lady Gaga. I'm trying hard to believe of what singers would.
If you want it, it costs about $ 75th This is actually inexpensive in terms of cost of jewelry. It is also possible to build your own,


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