Friday, February 26, 2016

Lightsaber Selfie Stick

You certainly would created on your Jedi or Sith costume, complete with a lightsaber of sorts, if you were Star Wars to see: The Force Awakens restarted. That would be when you realize that something out of the entire image was missing - a selfie with your group of fellow Star Wars fans! Since you in the Star Wars are all mood, why not complete the experience with something that is also related to the space opera - that is, by the $ 19.99 Star Wars lightsaber Selfie Stock? This particular selfie stick will be like no other than the handle of the menacing Darth Vader's lightsaber features.

There is a spring-loaded slot featuring which adjusts from 2 "to 3.25" width, to ensure that it can hold the smartphone in a safe and secure manner, and it can also 40.5 "telescope fully extended . This is definitely one of the more elegant selfie sticks to the age of selfies and wefies, and you do not need power to be sensitive to use it to snap photos of the distance, as all you have to do is press a button on the handle of the lightsaber, and you're good to go, now, like this? This officially licensed Star Wars merchandise and ThinkGeek creation and exclusive tips the scales at just 6 ounces, which are neglected when you are in the room.


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