Sunday, February 14, 2016

eleMount an elegant way to your phone or tablet to be mounted

Smartphones and tablets are great. They have so many applications that we have never dreamed of before even 10 years. Of course, to take full advantage of some of these functions, you may need an accessory or two. Two of the most important accessories are Stands and Mounts. The latter is particularly important if you frequently use your smartphone as a GPS. But with so many options on the market, which is the perfect for you?

The eleMount is a new mount, which promises to be the best stand and mount that you have ever seen. Made of milled aluminum CNC, this looks like the kind of support that Apple would match the rest of their brushed aluminum products. So what keeps the unit attached to the metal plates? Each plate has a patented elePad which is made of a special sticky polyurethane. So all you need simply to do is press on your device, and will remain so until you pry away.
The eleMount comes in two sizes, regularly, and the Mini. The former is larger, for tablets, while the latter is designed for smaller devices such as telephones. The Mini also has a removable base, which discloses a tripod mount, if you want to your smartphone for photos or video used. The Mini will set you back $ 60 is placed, while the larger runs as $ 69

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