Saturday, February 27, 2016

Slim Modular iPhone Case

can search iPhone owners for a modular iPhone case in EVOL, be interested an iPhone case that 3mm to provide an ultra-thin modular solution available fairs was produced only in thickness. This can be equipped with a variety of different modules will help you through the day.

Four modules can be replaced from the modular iPhone case and allow users to add additional storage space, battery power, several SIM support and also upgrade camera lenses.
The EVOL iPhone case is equipped with four compartments which hold one of the additional upgrades or new modules that are created in the future. Currently, the modules consist of a:

- Battery: EVOL battery is the only phone battery whose capacity circuit and separated; This means that the capacitance has zero waste. Basically the EVOL battery is a portable wireless charger that offers two full recharging and will never explode!

- Memory: EVOL memory of the internal structure differs from others - it is so slim that it looks like a natural part of the iPhone, when put in the EVOL case. Moreover, this scheme will enable EVOL storage, stable data transfer between your iPhone (via EVOL app) and computer (via Dock EVOL).

- Flash and lenses: EVOL Flash is 4 times more potent than iPhone built-in flash and provides dramatic improvements in night shots. Powered by a lithium battery and connection to iPhone via Bluetooth, the shutter is on EVOL case makes landscape oriented photography much more convenient.

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