Thursday, February 18, 2016

iPhone iPod FM Transmitter

Griffin has launched a new FM transmitter for the iPhone and iPod, the Griffin iTrip.

What makes this model different from the previous model is that it comes with its own iPhone app, which can be downloaded for free from iTunes.
The iTrip Controller app, you can control iTrip directly from your iPhone screen, you can access your presets, or manually set your iPhone to your car stereo.

Only iTrip plug into the dock connector, press the SmartScan - button and away you go. SmartScan finds the clearest frequency near your music through your car or home stereo speakers to play without any problems or wires. And Griffin SmartSound ™ provides possible signal strength for the clearest sound. Use iTrip three user-programmable presets to remember your favorite frequencies and recall them with a button.

The Griffin iTrip iPhone / iPod FM transmitter is available now for $ 49.99 from Griffin.

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