Wednesday, February 24, 2016

iPhone Solar Power Case

iPhone users, who wish they could keep their smartphone during the day with the sun's power is turned on can, in a new iPhone solar battery case called Sunny interested.

The Sunny was developed to enable users to be fully independent from the power outlet and has taken to Kickstarter to the $ 10,000 it to go into production, increasing demands.

In the following video to learn about this new iPhone case more solar power, which is specially designed for Apple's iPhone 6 device and uses the beams as the energy source of the sun.

The battery life is still a major issue when it comes to our phones. Sunny is a real alternative for anyone who loves connected to stay. SUNNY provides discreet and easy when closed. However, when you open it, use the solar panels immediately the power of the sun! The strongest source of energy is often neglected when it comes to charging mobile phones. This will change!


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