Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The introduction of a DIY iPhone Macro Lens

The basic commands are dead simple: recover the lens of a cheap disposable camera and connect it with a wire clamp.

iPhone Marco LensThe genius behind this apparatus is reusable. Unlike just taping the salvage macro lens, this is a hold for. So if you play for a small iPhone camera upgrade, take a load of this:

Go buy / borrow a disposable camera, which should be dirt cheap by now. Get the lens.
If you do not have this material readily available, investing in wire and pliers.
Forming the wire into the desired shape.
Or if you are confused, go here for the dope on this little DIY project. (We promise you can not go wrong.)
Oh, one last thing. Do not go to destroy wantonly cams on disposable. cut it just to get the lens. Things may be outdated, but they are not useless.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we will try it for ourselves and see how much fun takes pictures with a macro lens.


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