Saturday, February 13, 2016

rotating Camera Lens for iPhone

So, you think that the art of the photo to a "T", who got down with the iPhone? If you are always looking for ways to improve, then here is the $ 99.95 Tricloptic iPhone camera lens, which could help just. This is a special iPhone case will be able to improve the handset of the current camera with a fisheye, telephoto and wide angle lenses. The hard plastic case itself able in an iPhone 4 or 4S without any issue (sorry, iPhone 5s owners!) To fit, while it has a three-lens dial, can cover the smartphone built-in lens with the desired turn fastener.

The 15mm fisheye is feature to get closer to 180 ° viewing angle upwards and 0.28x magnification, while the 11mm wide-angle can capture a 130 ° panoramic and increased to 0.67X to be with the 12mm telephoto lens able to 2X as compared to the Setting the maximum zoom to the basic iPhone camera. These three lenses were made housed coated glass in aircraft aluminum, so you know that they are quite hardy in their own right. The lens dial itself also openings feature will remove the telephone basic lens for use without removing the case. Once you have this, expect your Facebook photo album to get more comments from people who will pay you compliments on your latest series of shots.

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