Thursday, February 25, 2016

Smartphone Pocket Microscope

Scrona has a credit card format Smartphone Pocket microscope developed that create a professional microscope, was developed that suits your wallet and is able to connect wirelessly to your smartphone.

The μPeek microscope comes with its own Android and iOS companion application and weighs only 55 g and is used in the position for up to 4 hours on a single charge of its battery. which under the video to learn more about the Pocket Microscopes design and features.
The microscope uses Bluetooth low energy connectivity to make a link to your smartphone and in a number of different colors available depending on your preferences. Its designers explain more built on the patent-pending illumination in the pocket microscope, which makes the design unique.

μPeek The innovative lighting design enables several distinctive forms of microscopy is performed. In addition to standard brightfield microscopy, handles μPeek darkfield and fluorescence (only μPeek Blue) microscopy and polarized light.

These advanced techniques are used by experts to identify different visual aspects, and indeed create beautiful variations on the same sample. μPeek democratized access to these technologies and allow users to experience nature in all its facets.
currently to raise the Smartphone Pocket microscope funds through the Kickstarter crowdfunding site, so if you believe that μPeek something you could benefit from over jump and meeting place of the link below.

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