Saturday, February 13, 2016

iPhone / iPad Pocket Projector

Everyone I know loves their iDevices, not all of them are simply addicts Apple, many of them only really enjoy the whole iOS experience. I must I admit, but I know the shortcomings that keep them from really being the highest. I also have a few thoughts on what kind of accessories, where I would need to make the iPhone or iPad even more fun and useful.
One of these attachments could this be the iPhone / iPad Pocket Projector. Compact enough to fit in your purse or pocket the iPhone / iPad Pocket Projector projected your iPhone screen directly to any flat surface by less than a foot away, to fit as much as 10 meters, an image is projected that up to 85 " diagonal enough. I imagine pictures, movies and presentations ... useful when working, and fun with the kids during their next sleepover.

The projector weighs less than 5 ounces and smaller than a smartphone. The iPhone / iPad Pocket Projector, you can transform your blanket, tent, blank wall, or even on the side of your house into a theater. The projector is 640 x 480 pixels resolution ensures a nice picture and a manual focus wheel, you can control to "dial" sharpness and clarity, your iDevice speaker sound though, so additional speakers can on the menu must also be.
You can also download a free app, which will then allow to zoom images or rotate and project everything from YouTube videos to a 4-hour search for the perfect dress. The internal lithium polymer battery provides two hours ahead and loads via USB using the supplied cable. Compatible with most iPhones / iPads, except for the iPhone 5, the new iPad with Retina Display and the iPad Mini.

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