Tuesday, February 9, 2016

iFixit finds out when the iPhone 6S is waterproof

If the new iPhone 6S launched last week we saw the handset in a bowl arranged with water for one hour, the system will exit right after work-up.

Then we have a video of the new iPhone is saw placed at the bottom of the basin, has not come out of this phone completely waterproof.

Now the guys at iFixit have disassembled have their iPhone 6S and have figured out why the new iPhones are more waterproof than last year models.

iphone waterproof

First, Apple takes this gasket business quite seriously: they have not only an adhesive strip running around the existing display as they were a bathtub caulking. Instead, it is the context of the iPhone is take the new seal discreetly revised. We found a slight but measurable increase in the width of the lip along the periphery of the current context, it is about 0.3 mm wider than on the iPhone 6, so it just wide enough to land for the little seal. One-third of a millimeter may not seem like much, but given how close the iPhone tolerances are now large enough to see the change to the naked eye. And it is almost certainly enough of a change, the other components had to be optimized to subtly adjust. Make no mistake, Apple gave them careful consideration.

The guys at iFixit also found that each cable connector on the device, plus, the Lightning port and the buttons have a tiny silicone seal on them.

Other parts of the instrument had not changed and does not develop with additional protection against water, this suggests that Apple may be testing their sealing technique on the new iPhones ready to start on next year 7 iPhone, this would explain why the new phones are not advertised as waterproof.

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