Thursday, February 18, 2016

iPhone Recorder

If you need to capture good quality professional audio on the move , then the Logitech LIC could - iREC03P Microphone Recorder module be the perfect accessory to do just that , that your iPhone . The Logitech - Recorder saves your audio as PCM WAV files without compression unpleasant .
Unfortunately, the XY microphones do not just do the automatic gain and attenuation . Logitech also has a version for the Sony Walkman LIC - WMREC03P released , the recording in PCM and ATRAC .

Mic unidirectional microphone
Mic Sensitivity - 47dB + -4 dB
Recording Badnwidth 20 ~ 16kHz
Recording format WAV
Connector iPod / iPhone connector
Size 52 mm x 51 mm x 20.3 mm
OS Compatibility OS 3.0

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