Saturday, February 13, 2016

Mobile TV Receiver

Handheld technology is amazing. I have every gadget and gizmo available entertain me, but I do not really like to pay for content. I looking for a device that would act as a kind of personal DVR that would allow me to record live TV and take it with me ... I thought the wrong thing I've been looking for!

Check out the Dyle Mobile TV Receiver produced by Belkin from which your iPhone 4 / 4S or iPad can transform into a portable TV, allowing you to access regular broadcast TV, including news, entertainment and sports! and, with a mobile signal, you can go on foot or by bus, and still capable of your loved one to watch. You simply can not do with a traditional over-the-air TV signal. Best of all, this receiver works without WiFi or data plan!
The Dyle mobile TV receiver is directly her 30 pin i-unit and then combines with Dyle mobile TV without an Internet connection is required. So now you can get some live TV access, without having to sit in the library or local coffee house, and actually be able to see where you most want, like waiting at the doctor's office, or in line at motor vehicles, and to avoid blotchy Wi-Fi connections and those pesky fees surplus data.


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