Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Atlanta man iPhone 6 Plus catches fire , panties makes him less

It seems that we can never go a week without other stories about exploding phones. It always makes us wonder if this could happen to us. The latest is a report from WSB-TV Atlanta, which tells of a man who was forced to take off his pants in a crowded Home Depot parking lot. Why? Because his iPhone 6 Plus caught fire.

The man known as "Rocky" for the camera, felt his pocket heating and noticed smoke coming out. His trousers were possibly on fire and it does not seem like he is a liar.

The man quickly responded by taking off his pants, throwing them aside. There were no physical injuries, but he had to stand the shame suffering Pants less in a Home Depot parking lot. The man found out where the smartphone emerged and it turns out, it was a pre-owned iPhone 6 Plus rehabilitated by a 3rd party company. Not Apple. It was then sold by its wearer to Rocky. We do not know whether the phone like a brand new machine was announced the purchase, but it probably was not.

At least he is safe, even if it was certainly a bit embarrassing. To be better than pantsless burned.

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