Tuesday, February 9, 2016

beautiful Light Up Headphones

The igloo-Pulse: Light Up headphones are the first headphones in the world that pulsate to the beat of the music with glass fiber technology! Easy in your mobile phone or MP3 player, press the sync button and watch the bright fluorescent glow lights to pulsating music! What if someone calls while you are listening to? All you need to do is print on the headset button to switch the built-in microphone and answer the call! And once you are done, simply press the button again to get back to your music. As simple as that! By Iglo, it is no longer just listen to music, it is a full-blown experience

Light up the night - Throw your own Rave

Ever feel like going to a rave, but forced hate playing the club in the same old listening to music? By Iglo Pulse: Light Up Headphones You can dance your own music while still radiant looking! And with more than a 3 + hours of battery life, you can light up and dance all night long! Do not feel like going out? Bring the Rave on you! Just connect your headphones lights, turn off the lights and crazy! Now you can go anywhere that rave have experience!

Protects you run at night

There has never been a brilliant way to run or been on a bicycle in the night! With the bright LED lights of the headset, this will not only ensure that you glow like Tron, but it will keep you safe. Wear the Iglo Pulse: Light Up headphones while running or cycling and cars you will recognize from a mile away. Spend night safer and more fun running!

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