Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Iben Personal USB Air Purifier / Fan

Iben purifier clean and purify the air in your personal space, allowing you to breathe fresh, clean air. The cleaner is supplied with power via USB ie it almost can be used anywhere. It begins ultrafine dust, carbon monoxide, cigarette smoke, exhaust gases, formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, pollen, mold, viruses, allergens, germs, bacteria, animal dander, odors and volatile organic compounds.
Ask to serve the amazing air purifier between two modes needs. Compact Mode: Cleans and circulates air. Extended Mode: Powerful electric fan provides cooling airflow. The amazing air purifier comes with a 2.5 micron thick permanent electrostatic filter. To clean the filter, rinse with water, then allow it to dry in a shady place. It is recommended to change the filter once a year. How to use it: Simply plug in the adapter supplied to any USB port on the computer or wall socket, simply pull stop usb. To use capture and attract a fan of the front and back of the air cleaner to extend as. To change the filter simply pull apart cleaner access.

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