Tuesday, February 16, 2016

No More Device Dropping

Ever dropped your phone or e-reader? You are in an elite club, if you do not have. Personally, I would have to say JFK airport was my worst. I was writing on the escalator when imbalance took over and Wham! It was the smart phone, collapse the escalator like a slinky. Yes, expletives followed.

Face it, technology is cool, but we have our klutzy tendencies. FLYGRIP is a device that we all should check to help our devices, preserve. FLYGRIP the basic principle is to extend the range, while the phone to help save or e-reader at the same time. A spring-loaded clip adheres securely on your device or case. It leaves a lot of room to comfortably insert a couple of fingers. So if to reach for the keyboard on the phone, you get additional coverage for the thumb. Or enough range to comfortably navigate your e-reader. Not to mention the massive increase in confidence, knowing that the device will not go tumbling. And use FLYGRIP as portrait or landscape stand if you need both hands. Eight colors are also so that you can coordinate your look.
For $ 29.99, FLYGRIP offers peace against the "drop".                                                                                                      

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