Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Apple TV

The new Apple TV will be next Wednesday, officially on Apple's iPhone 6S event possible, the device is a new design and a number of new features.

According to a recent report, the new Apple TV for $ 99 retailed $ 149, the current model will cost when it launched.

It is apparently two versions of the new Apple TV be, one with 8GB of storage, the $ 149 and a free will with 16GB of storage, which will cost $ 199th

Apple's next generation TV set-top box come with a wide range of new features, the new Apple TV OS is included, which is based on iOS 9, the device will come with applications and games and gaming is an important role in the unit play.

Apple will create also release a new Apple TV SDK for developers to build applications and games for the platform, and it will also come with a new controller and Siri integration.

The new controller for the Apple TV will come with motion control, which could be used for games, a trackpad and built to control Siri microphone.

Siri will play an important role in the device and can be used to search for TV shows and movies, and to control for functions on the device.

We are more details on Apple's next generation of Apple TV when it officially takes place at Apple's iPhone event next month.

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