Wednesday, February 17, 2016

iFan charger is more than just hot air

(As are in your thoughts environmentally conscious) For the green-minded, which is iFan charger juiced the ultimate thing for keeping your beloved iPhone.

This all-round apparatus of Tjeerd Veenhoven is the latest contender for smartest charging gadget. One look at the picture shows, working on his feature-PC fan like a dynamo and charges your iPhone. This is a double plus on creativity, but a double minus When we found out it takes about six hours for a full charge. In such cases, better leave your iPhone somewhere windy standing as on a branch in the middle of a hurricane.

But the problems persist, for the start of the fan proving completely inadequate as a wind-powered engine as the creator of the charger is the design change. It scored us to think that perhaps a winch could be better, you know, to make the charging of the iPhone the old school of the 21st century tech 19th century invention coexistence? Whatevs.

There is also the worrying prospect in the pocket a iFan dressed to leave iPhone and the fan always caught on fabric or things that you hold in your, uh, pocket. Yes, perhaps a hand crank a better idea, even if the people you will give funny looks when they see you hand cranks an iPhone

Here is our last slice of beef: Okay, so it looks good. But what happens when there is no wind?

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