Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Power Tap Faucet USB Charger

It presents a party. They were up all night playing bartender, drinks and a smile served. Out of nowhere someone asks where they can charge their cell phones. You knew it was coming: in each group of friends, no matter what, no matter where, another phone on his deathbed is ready to join the choir invisible. Everything depends on this moment. Perhaps now is the time to show it to a special kind of cock. Perhaps now reveal the power connection.

Itsy-Bitsy Spider Proof!

With a spout and a button and a whopping amount of reliability, this accessory outlet is easy to operate. Just connect your cable to the USB port and let the current flow! The power connection may turn to red for charging and blue in the standby mode. Although modest in appearance, the tap is a powerhouse (literally).

The only thing this Kemper leak is power!

Put the FUN in function and the WOW in pow-wow, because this little baby is sure everything is to provide and more. Here's a little tip from us to you: Plug the power connector into a power outlet near the sink (preferably above), you can use your friend an empty glass and asks him to fill it with water, then see how joy and confusion pouring from the spout.

We all know what happens when it rains. You have it right: Zeus breaks out of the clouds and fires lightning from his hands directly into your small, little smartphone! Well, the power connection can be kind to do that to ... only better, cleaner and more efficient than the little god of thunder.

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