Tuesday, February 16, 2016

iPhone case comes with built-in charger

Most of us are familiar that a smartphone to suck more juice than your standard feature tends - and this is the price for additional functionality to be paid. Now, this has led to an increasing number of accessories that different types of ways to provide juice a smartphone, the in-car chargers solar chargers and even docks, play the music while the unit juicing on. Heck, there is also the possibility of buying an iPhone case (for example), which has a built-in battery - effectively the amount of time to double that your iPhone will be able to run on a single charge.

Here is a paradigm shift, you might want to explore - the Juice Tank iPhone case, which is currently on Kickstarter, where it has an integrated charger, so you do not have to wear a different iPhone charger on your travels, but leave power cables. Finally, since it already you can use your iPhone just plug into the wall without any fuss, what other reason is there for a different iPhone charger to wear while traveling?
It's iPhone accessories firm idea of ​​Self, to find out how they will develop the Juice Tank case where it cater for the iPhone 4 and its successor, the iPhone 4S. As ideal lightweight cordless charging solution for your iPhone 4 / 4S, it can come in a moment to be used when the phone needs more power. Once the device is fully charged, it can be folded to completely flat to provide maximum comfort and portability no matter where you carry your iPhone in to decide.
Your eyes will be happy to consider the Juice tank in a sleek jet-black color, where it is more efficient than standard charging solutions without the iPhone look as if it has been blown out of all recognition. The durable case uses polycarbonate as the material of choice, which is found in bulletproof glass, and should provide adequate protection against shocks and to offer. Expect the Juice tank for $ 70 a pop to retail, but if you decide to contribute the Kickstarter campaign, it would be at a discount available -. $ 55 to be exact

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