Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Dexim a new type of sync cable is provided which adds a little more sparkle to the boring traditional sync and charging cable, which is currently available. The Dexim Visible Smart Charger Cable means you can actually see how fast the device is charging. Light flowing through the cord at a fast pace means your battery charging state at up to 65 percent. After 65 percent of the light will flow at a lower speed, and when the light is switched off fully charged.

The Dexim Visible intelligent charging cable is also equipped with an automatic shutoff feature that helps you reduce unnecessary standby power when the unit is not in use, integrated with Dexim green technology up to 85%. Just plug the charger into a wall socket to save power without drawing your devices.

The Dexim visible charging cable was help you money, designed to save energy and the earth, says Dexim. Dexim Universal LED cable buy available online from Amazon for around $ 20 or £ 11th

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