Saturday, February 13, 2016

Control your kettle from your apple phone

Hot coffee, the elixir of early risers and sleepy people everywhere. It's hard without a cup of coffee waiting for us to imagine a world to calm our souls, perk or awaken us us back to life. In a perfect world, would make coffee even while I was still in bed and come to my bed with a tall blonde bodybuilder with a subtle European accent of some kind. I can dream, can not I?

In the meantime, there are iKettle, allowing you to control Instant hot beverage preparation anywhere in your home through your iPhone. Just put your system mode, and the next day you wake up is called gently to consciousness, and asked if you want to have on the boiler. (Not sure which accent) If your answer is yes, you will be asked later if you want it to be kept warm.
Perhaps coffee is not your thing, and it's a nice relaxing cup of tea that we roll up. iKettle has four precise temperature settings, can help you achieve the perfect brew, whether it be green tea, or Java. With its sleek stainless steel design, and one-touch settings, the 1.8-liter iKettle you can wake up, or welcome you home with a steaming beverage. And honestly, where would anyway keep a tall blonde bodybuilder?
iKettle is easy to clean with a removable heating element, has an automatic shut-off and dry running, working with your worldwide WiFi connection and is for delivery in the UK are in a few weeks time, no word yet on when it will be available is here in the States, but I hope it quickly.

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