Saturday, February 27, 2016

Photos Of The DxO ONE Camera

Many smartphone manufacturers create all kinds of accessories such as Auxiliary lenses, flash units, camera bags, and more, so that you get the best shot possible with your smartphone. Sony and Olympus even offer the QX series and auxiliary lenses Olympus Air, but neither has been here. The people at DxO could however have found a solution.

It looks like the company to announce a smartphone accessory called plans DxO ONE. There is a camera attachment for the iPhone, which is stuck in the flash port of your phone. The announcement should now come at any time, but we have some photos of the device and its alleged specifications have leaked.
The DxO ONE is and capable full HD video at 30fps, 720p HD record at 120fps, and will have a 11.9 mm lens has a 1-inch 20.2MP CMOS BSI sensor, which is about 32 mm in Full iframe is. It also has a somewhat large aperture at f / 1.8, which should help with low-light photography. What do you think? Is it look promising? The battery life is said to be good for about 200 photos and an ISO range 100-51200. There will be mini compatible with all iOS devices that have a flash port, except for the first generation iPad. It will be priced at $ 599th

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