Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Nomad Pod Pro Apple Watch and iPhone Charger now available

Nomad the design house that specializes in creating beautifully designed accessories for Apple hardware, this week has not yet announced the availability of pre-created its new Nomad Pod Pro for iPhone and Apple Watch.

The Nomad Pod Pro was designed to observe an easy way to both the iPhone and Apple, while helping away to load from the network hold both fully charged and ready for use when needed.

The Nomad Pod Pro is pre-order now at only $ 80 fixed and next month starts shipping on October 30th. On October 15, the price will increase to its regular retail price of $ 100. Nomad explains a little more about its features and functions:

Pod packs a compact high density 6000mAh lithium-ion battery, which is enough to charge your iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, twice each. Toss Pod in the backpack, and you will have enough strength to get over a long weekend.

We built a 24cm flash cable for your iPhone in Pod Pro, so you do not need and to carry extra cables. Pod Pro anodized aluminum body snaps over two strong magnets on both sides, so that to keep for easy alignment and a firm grip. This design keeps your Apple Watch cable inside to keep everything clean and organized.

We have to be held, the possibility of flash cables as easy as possible to be pod pull in and secure back. We choose to use a magnet to hold the flash plug in. We love the way this feels. His be strong and reliable, yet easy to use.

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