Monday, February 29, 2016

iPhone Slider Case

The problem with most iPhone cases is that you take it you have to fit your iPhone to the standard dock , even this clever case has the solution ,
 slides the bottom of the case from which you you dock iPhone without removing the case to Remove this is great if your lazy like me .
The Incase slider case is a 1 mm thick hard plastic shell , it has interior rubber guardrails provide shock absorption .

It comes in a choice of either gloss black , gloss white or matt black and is available to buy for $ 35 online

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Slim Modular iPhone Case

can search iPhone owners for a modular iPhone case in EVOL, be interested an iPhone case that 3mm to provide an ultra-thin modular solution available fairs was produced only in thickness. This can be equipped with a variety of different modules will help you through the day.

Four modules can be replaced from the modular iPhone case and allow users to add additional storage space, battery power, several SIM support and also upgrade camera lenses.
The EVOL iPhone case is equipped with four compartments which hold one of the additional upgrades or new modules that are created in the future. Currently, the modules consist of a:

- Battery: EVOL battery is the only phone battery whose capacity circuit and separated; This means that the capacitance has zero waste. Basically the EVOL battery is a portable wireless charger that offers two full recharging and will never explode!

- Memory: EVOL memory of the internal structure differs from others - it is so slim that it looks like a natural part of the iPhone, when put in the EVOL case. Moreover, this scheme will enable EVOL storage, stable data transfer between your iPhone (via EVOL app) and computer (via Dock EVOL).

- Flash and lenses: EVOL Flash is 4 times more potent than iPhone built-in flash and provides dramatic improvements in night shots. Powered by a lithium battery and connection to iPhone via Bluetooth, the shutter is on EVOL case makes landscape oriented photography much more convenient.

Photos Of The DxO ONE Camera

Many smartphone manufacturers create all kinds of accessories such as Auxiliary lenses, flash units, camera bags, and more, so that you get the best shot possible with your smartphone. Sony and Olympus even offer the QX series and auxiliary lenses Olympus Air, but neither has been here. The people at DxO could however have found a solution.

It looks like the company to announce a smartphone accessory called plans DxO ONE. There is a camera attachment for the iPhone, which is stuck in the flash port of your phone. The announcement should now come at any time, but we have some photos of the device and its alleged specifications have leaked.
The DxO ONE is and capable full HD video at 30fps, 720p HD record at 120fps, and will have a 11.9 mm lens has a 1-inch 20.2MP CMOS BSI sensor, which is about 32 mm in Full iframe is. It also has a somewhat large aperture at f / 1.8, which should help with low-light photography. What do you think? Is it look promising? The battery life is said to be good for about 200 photos and an ISO range 100-51200. There will be mini compatible with all iOS devices that have a flash port, except for the first generation iPad. It will be priced at $ 599th

Friday, February 26, 2016

Lightsaber Selfie Stick

You certainly would created on your Jedi or Sith costume, complete with a lightsaber of sorts, if you were Star Wars to see: The Force Awakens restarted. That would be when you realize that something out of the entire image was missing - a selfie with your group of fellow Star Wars fans! Since you in the Star Wars are all mood, why not complete the experience with something that is also related to the space opera - that is, by the $ 19.99 Star Wars lightsaber Selfie Stock? This particular selfie stick will be like no other than the handle of the menacing Darth Vader's lightsaber features.

There is a spring-loaded slot featuring which adjusts from 2 "to 3.25" width, to ensure that it can hold the smartphone in a safe and secure manner, and it can also 40.5 "telescope fully extended . This is definitely one of the more elegant selfie sticks to the age of selfies and wefies, and you do not need power to be sensitive to use it to snap photos of the distance, as all you have to do is press a button on the handle of the lightsaber, and you're good to go, now, like this? This officially licensed Star Wars merchandise and ThinkGeek creation and exclusive tips the scales at just 6 ounces, which are neglected when you are in the room.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Smartphone Pocket Microscope

Scrona has a credit card format Smartphone Pocket microscope developed that create a professional microscope, was developed that suits your wallet and is able to connect wirelessly to your smartphone.

The μPeek microscope comes with its own Android and iOS companion application and weighs only 55 g and is used in the position for up to 4 hours on a single charge of its battery. which under the video to learn more about the Pocket Microscopes design and features.
The microscope uses Bluetooth low energy connectivity to make a link to your smartphone and in a number of different colors available depending on your preferences. Its designers explain more built on the patent-pending illumination in the pocket microscope, which makes the design unique.

μPeek The innovative lighting design enables several distinctive forms of microscopy is performed. In addition to standard brightfield microscopy, handles μPeek darkfield and fluorescence (only μPeek Blue) microscopy and polarized light.

These advanced techniques are used by experts to identify different visual aspects, and indeed create beautiful variations on the same sample. μPeek democratized access to these technologies and allow users to experience nature in all its facets.
currently to raise the Smartphone Pocket microscope funds through the Kickstarter crowdfunding site, so if you believe that μPeek something you could benefit from over jump and meeting place of the link below.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

iPhone Solar Power Case

iPhone users, who wish they could keep their smartphone during the day with the sun's power is turned on can, in a new iPhone solar battery case called Sunny interested.

The Sunny was developed to enable users to be fully independent from the power outlet and has taken to Kickstarter to the $ 10,000 it to go into production, increasing demands.

In the following video to learn about this new iPhone case more solar power, which is specially designed for Apple's iPhone 6 device and uses the beams as the energy source of the sun.

The battery life is still a major issue when it comes to our phones. Sunny is a real alternative for anyone who loves connected to stay. SUNNY provides discreet and easy when closed. However, when you open it, use the solar panels immediately the power of the sun! The strongest source of energy is often neglected when it comes to charging mobile phones. This will change!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Car iPhone Charger

So, you feel like arriving to themselves as current iPhone users, and are proud of the fact that your favorite smartphone model running by the time the lunch of juice, just because you are a busy bee are so many dates to make and keep contacts with anyone in contact? Certainly a Power Bank should be part of the hardware collection as you live as an on-the-go lifestyle, and if you happen to take your business meetings and locations, an in-car charger is also part of the agreement would be your regular iPhone charger to the socket sense should just stay there. What happens when you have your handset in a rush juice? This is where the $ 34.95 Fast Car iPhone charger comes in handy.

The Rapid Car Charger iPhone happens to be the perfect adapter for the car as it simultaneously to three devices with USB port charging quickly. The 2.4 amp rating provides excellent loading performance for iPhones and other smartphones, where it works the charge in half the time required by typical chargers. Sporting a low-profile body, it can be plugged into any dashboard charging port, where the LED display only indicate which items load yet. Each purchase comes with a pair of 4 'USB cable: one with a micro USB port and the other with a shielded, 4' MFi flash connector for recent iPhone models.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Shure MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone

iPhone users who wish they had receive a powerful and professional microphone interviews or meetings with their Smartphone Apple may be interested in the Shure MV88 Digital stereo condenser microphone iOS to purchase the set at 149 $ available.

The Shure microphone MV88 Apple MFi certified means that it is compatible with all iOS devices and equipped with a hot port and has five preset modes, the speech, singing, house, acoustic instruments and sounds are.

The iOS microphone can be used with the free application that takes the form of Shure Plus MOTIV recording app which is directly from the Apple iTunes App Store for free download. The creators of the Shure MV88 iOS explain more:

With an innovative Mid-Side architecture for clean, clear stereo sound, combines the motive MV88 Digital stereo condenser microphone directly to an Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad equipped with a hot-connection quality recordings on the move to capture. The middle of the page microphone element with a unique hinge 90 degrees mounted with built-in rotation, which allows for very flexible microphone position, also in video applications.

Five built-in DSP preset modes (speech, song, house, acoustic instrument sounds) on the Shure Plus MOTIV Studio app, a free download from the Apple App Store accessible. The design app also allows real-time adjustments including microphone gain, stereo width, and high-quality 24-bit / 48 kHz recording for optimal results in almost any environment. Shure-tested, all-metal construction provides confident performance in any environment.

Features of the Shure microphone MV88 iOS include:

- Concerted kidney and bidirectional 1 cm cartridges for best-in-class audio
- Mid-side architecture for a phase-perfect, clear stereo image
- Automatically adjusts EQ, compressor and limiter for optimum results
- Innovative hinge / swivel design supports multiple Point of View, including video applications
- Free ShurePlus MOTIV recording app with 24-bit / 48 kHz WAV (uncompressed) Recording, control of the DSP mode selection, microphone gain, stereo width, raw mid-side adjustments, Wind Reduction, capsule selection, left-right-Swap, 5 band EQ and compressor / limiter
- All-metal construction designed to withstand the most demanding shooting conditions

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Smartphone Digital Microscope

Smartphone owners to see , the smaller details of things are interesting to them, Digital Microscope can be interested , which can provide a high-resolution 400 - fold magnification in a new smartphone .

The Nurugo Micro Digital Microscope is easy on the smartphone camera lens and uses a custom companion application that is supported by both iOS and Android devices , so you can see and start the microscopic world to explore around.

In the following video to learn more about the Nurugo Micro digital microscope and the companion application that is currently in development .

Friday, February 19, 2016

This iPhone Has A Growth

The iStand makes all your little handheld - devices look like they have purchased a very strange colors zit . wanting to go , although this one to pop , because it is a little easier to understand your phone or MP3 player to deal with . Do not worry, it is the back of the iPhone either not damaged , it depends no longer be damaged by your phone , as it was previously only by a suction cup .

These strange balls allow to sit for your iPhone at your desk , where you can view videos , no need to hold in place . Then you can also just hang onto the ball itself , so you do not in the way of any objects you get to do your hand on your handheld device. These come in white, pink , orange , blue, purple , black and green. You can buy one for £ 4.49 or about $ 6.60 by Lazybone UK .

Thursday, February 18, 2016

iPhone DJ Mixer

Here is a fun accessory for your iPhone or iPod , the iPhone DJ Mixer , which allows you to mix music player of two iPhone or iPod or MP3 .

Mix things up with this household mixer that lets you connect music from two iPods or MP3 players , or one of each. AC adapter ; Spin option ; 2 effect programs with Reverb , Flanger and Filter and crossfade slider ; Recording option and speaker system combined with a stereo audio cable with inline socket ; . Charging the iPod during playback ; compatible with a microphone.

If you want one of the iPhone DJ Mixer , is available for $ 120 out of Urban Outfitters .

Waterproof iPhone Case

If you take your iPhone to the beach this summer, then you should check this new iPhone case that Sanwa Waterproof iPhone Case.

The Sanwa Waterproof iPhone Case features a unique mechanism that you seal your iPhone underwater housing can to make sure kept the water, you always have to use the screen on your iPhone, and it also has a camera slot on the back, so that you can still take photos with your iPhone camera.

It has also a headphone slot built that you can connect headphones to your iPhone inside the case, but still manages to keep the water out.

If you're a little accident prone and worry about your iPhone fall into a swimming pool or the sea, then maybe you should look at this case.

The Sanwa Waterproof iPhone Case is available for $ 32 out of Sanwa, although we are not sure if the ship outside of Japan at the moment are.

iPhone Recorder

If you need to capture good quality professional audio on the move , then the Logitech LIC could - iREC03P Microphone Recorder module be the perfect accessory to do just that , that your iPhone . The Logitech - Recorder saves your audio as PCM WAV files without compression unpleasant .
Unfortunately, the XY microphones do not just do the automatic gain and attenuation . Logitech also has a version for the Sony Walkman LIC - WMREC03P released , the recording in PCM and ATRAC .

Mic unidirectional microphone
Mic Sensitivity - 47dB + -4 dB
Recording Badnwidth 20 ~ 16kHz
Recording format WAV
Connector iPod / iPhone connector
Size 52 mm x 51 mm x 20.3 mm
OS Compatibility OS 3.0

iPhone iPod FM Transmitter

Griffin has launched a new FM transmitter for the iPhone and iPod, the Griffin iTrip.

What makes this model different from the previous model is that it comes with its own iPhone app, which can be downloaded for free from iTunes.
The iTrip Controller app, you can control iTrip directly from your iPhone screen, you can access your presets, or manually set your iPhone to your car stereo.

Only iTrip plug into the dock connector, press the SmartScan - button and away you go. SmartScan finds the clearest frequency near your music through your car or home stereo speakers to play without any problems or wires. And Griffin SmartSound ™ provides possible signal strength for the clearest sound. Use iTrip three user-programmable presets to remember your favorite frequencies and recall them with a button.

The Griffin iTrip iPhone / iPod FM transmitter is available now for $ 49.99 from Griffin.

Amplified Speaker for i phone

If you need to pack a punch at a party or on the road this tiny PodXtreme Amplified speakers you can unplugged listen to your music on headphones.

Just in your headphone socket, it even has its own built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery music louder to play and use for longer than a speaker, use your Player juice.

Here are the specifications.

Connects * iPod / MP3 / PMP / Digital Audio Player via headphone jack
* Air resonator crashes in the unit for a small size when not in use
* Reaching volume that the built adjutant not.
* Good for small demonstrations
* It is (aluminum back) will not work with the original iPhone, but works on 3G and 3GS models.
* Weighs: 0.3kg
* Works with built-in lithium-ion battery. Recharge via mini USB connector. (Not for the life of the player's battery affect)

Mac LED light iNecklace

For those who are looking to give something special their loved ones who iNecklace is definitely must-give a. Especially if you love your sweetheart Tech, namely tech apple.
As you can see, the iNecklace has a power button on the lights. What you can not see is that it emulates the breathing LEDs on iMacs and MacBooks.

The chain is 18-inch sterling silver. Other than that, it is have to do too much value as far as precious stones or metals on his followers. The case is none other than aluminum, and a battery for its shine required. The battery is rechargeable, but I'm not sure how.
If this iNecklace becomes popular, I would not be surprised if we see a iRing, iEarrings, iBracelet, or another type of iBling. All of them would have this vibrant breath of light. I could totally see Ke $ ha draped in this, or Lady Gaga. I'm trying hard to believe of what singers would.
If you want it, it costs about $ 75th This is actually inexpensive in terms of cost of jewelry. It is also possible to build your own,

Solar USB Charger

If you are looking for a charger to charge your iPhone , iPod or other USB device , when you are traveling , then you may want to check the new Scosche solBAT II Solar USB Gadget Charger .

The Scosche solBAT II Solar USB Gadget Charger can be used when you are away from a power source , as it built a solar panel , it can also be used in the car , and it comes with several suction cups , so you mount it to your car windshield .
The Scosche solBAT II Solar USB Gadget Charger features a 1500mA lithium -ion battery , so it save the power and you can use it when you need it . It can also be charged through USB .

The Scosche solBAT II Solar USB Gadget Charger will be available soon for $ 30.

iPhone Battery Charger

We have seen a number of different chargers for the iPhone here at Geeky Gadgets , and we have a few well tested that we've seen the latest one is about the coolest , the iPhone icon battery charger .

The iPhone icon battery charger is designed to look like to see the charging icon on the iPhone , and it lights up when you plug it into your iPhone .

" The symbol " , was inspired by the battery icon on iPhone , is designed specifically for the iPhone backup power solution . From " the icon" unique outlook and can extend your iPhone talk time to play up to 3 hours and audio up to 18 hours , it will be your best choice for the battery solution , not only outside appearance , but functionally solve the power problem daily use of the iPhone .

It does not look like ti is available to buy online yet , you can learn more details on the product page

iPhone Flexible Speaker

This conceptual speaker system iPhone designed by Chun Chieh Yang and resembles a Rubik's Cube puzzle rather than a conventional speaker . When interrupted the speaker a perfect place and unfolds more and reveal more Paperthin speakers -Panels and is aptly named the flexible speaker .

The paper-thin speakers -Panels would , flexible laminated flat of one , ( FFT ) loudspeaker technology are generated and how the device more plates you unfold the higher suspend the volume and how it folds to reduce the volume . The creator is explained by the notion that each link of the speaker is an individual 's mouth . to open a piece , can be opened like a mouth . When fully open the speakers there will be a choir singing his song .

iFinger iPhone Stylus Pen

If you have a compact stylus for your iPhone or iPad Links International is going to solve the mentioned iFinger threatening a new pen .

However, not the Ifinger I'm not sure any used its advantages over leaving his finger except a fingerprint smear would offer . If the tip seems much to be on the rich side and not very built for accurate drawing .

I'm sure it will be great for navigation , but why use a pen for this . The only time I need a pen to be used when trying to accurately draw something that cant be reached with the finger in the way .

But if the look iFinger or Ozaki iFinger M to buy , since it will know . Will begin for about 23 $ shipping in Japan on July 17 . Unfortunately, there is no information on worldwide availablity , or even prices .

Bluetooth Headphones

Today Logitec has launched a new line of Bluetooth headsets into being which it claims are the world's smallest . The Logitec Bluetooth headset comes in two versions , developed a designed for computer users LBT PCHP02 and other LBT AVHP02 audio player .

They are available in four colors , gold, pink , black and silver and are capable of four hours of playback when fully charged.

The Mini Bluetooth headphones weigh only one-third of an ounce and measuring just 1.3 inches in length by 0.23 inches thick . The package comes complete with a set of earplugs sizes small, medium and large and were iOS 4.1 tested and is used by Apple recent implementation of AVRCP support on top of A2DP .

You will arrive for $ 54 shipping worldwide in mid-October in Japan .

Stand Clip For iPhone 4

Ten One Design Pogo Stylus and have a new clip Stand launched specifically for the new iPhone 4. developed the clip when no clips on your iPhone 4 and the pin fits neatly to the side when not in use . You can now navigate sketch , nature and with greater precision .

The pen is its self to others FO iPad Ten One makes similar and provides a soft , durable tip , precise molded to fit the perfect size for the keys of the keyboard . He glides easily over the surface of the display .

The new stand and pen must be purchased for $ 14.99 from Ten One Design and is available in four colors

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The introduction of a DIY iPhone Macro Lens

The basic commands are dead simple: recover the lens of a cheap disposable camera and connect it with a wire clamp.

iPhone Marco LensThe genius behind this apparatus is reusable. Unlike just taping the salvage macro lens, this is a hold for. So if you play for a small iPhone camera upgrade, take a load of this:

Go buy / borrow a disposable camera, which should be dirt cheap by now. Get the lens.
If you do not have this material readily available, investing in wire and pliers.
Forming the wire into the desired shape.
Or if you are confused, go here for the dope on this little DIY project. (We promise you can not go wrong.)
Oh, one last thing. Do not go to destroy wantonly cams on disposable. cut it just to get the lens. Things may be outdated, but they are not useless.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we will try it for ourselves and see how much fun takes pictures with a macro lens.

iFan charger is more than just hot air

(As are in your thoughts environmentally conscious) For the green-minded, which is iFan charger juiced the ultimate thing for keeping your beloved iPhone.

This all-round apparatus of Tjeerd Veenhoven is the latest contender for smartest charging gadget. One look at the picture shows, working on his feature-PC fan like a dynamo and charges your iPhone. This is a double plus on creativity, but a double minus When we found out it takes about six hours for a full charge. In such cases, better leave your iPhone somewhere windy standing as on a branch in the middle of a hurricane.

But the problems persist, for the start of the fan proving completely inadequate as a wind-powered engine as the creator of the charger is the design change. It scored us to think that perhaps a winch could be better, you know, to make the charging of the iPhone the old school of the 21st century tech 19th century invention coexistence? Whatevs.

There is also the worrying prospect in the pocket a iFan dressed to leave iPhone and the fan always caught on fabric or things that you hold in your, uh, pocket. Yes, perhaps a hand crank a better idea, even if the people you will give funny looks when they see you hand cranks an iPhone

Here is our last slice of beef: Okay, so it looks good. But what happens when there is no wind?