Thursday, February 18, 2016

Waterproof iPhone Case

If you take your iPhone to the beach this summer, then you should check this new iPhone case that Sanwa Waterproof iPhone Case.

The Sanwa Waterproof iPhone Case features a unique mechanism that you seal your iPhone underwater housing can to make sure kept the water, you always have to use the screen on your iPhone, and it also has a camera slot on the back, so that you can still take photos with your iPhone camera.

It has also a headphone slot built that you can connect headphones to your iPhone inside the case, but still manages to keep the water out.

If you're a little accident prone and worry about your iPhone fall into a swimming pool or the sea, then maybe you should look at this case.

The Sanwa Waterproof iPhone Case is available for $ 32 out of Sanwa, although we are not sure if the ship outside of Japan at the moment are.


  1. My husband gave me a iphone 6 plus waterproof case and I do love it. I feel good wearing it.

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