Friday, February 12, 2016

The iPhone 6 Plus Bluetooth Keyboard

If you are the kind of person who never stops moving and shaking, then you always have a way to get your work done. This means constantly usually have access to a laptop, tablet, or with the right accessories turn your phone into an all-out workstation. If you want to travel light, then the last option is probably the most attractive one.
If you the proud owner of the phablet known as the iPhone 6 Plus and need to make it into a mini-workstation in an instant, then you'll love these ultra-thin Bluetooth keyboard. This has seen a battery, built-in stand for your phone in landscape mode, and comes with a crystal case, if you do not want the extra bulk to your phone all the time, but do not want your phone to go naked.

This charges via microUSB and only comes in white, which fits most devices in Apple family, the subject. While this can work off up to 32 feet, there is a good chance that you are not trying to use this more than 5 or 6 feet away. The only downside to this keyboard is that it really is not greater than that still want to have difficulties typing on your phone which means those with sausage fingers. It is to get the plus side, the tactile feedback when you write, which means not having to look buttons on it. While this aspect is to have beautiful, it can not $ 48 worth of good.


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