Tuesday, February 16, 2016

iphone extra quality mic

Today IK Multimedia has begun its new iRig MIC Cast shipping, the iOS devices with an ultra-compact high quality microphone provides. The iRig MIC Cast is equipped with a unidirectional condenser capsule, which was developed to isolate the audio source you enter. greatly improved audio recordings offer when compared to the integrated iOS device microphones
Further features of the iRig MIC Cast include a dual-gain setting, which provides two different sensitivities, either close-ups or remote audio sources and has to mount a connecting headphones, the audio iRig MIC to monitor recording. "The iRig MIC Cast is literally the size of a large coin and its bumper friendly jack enables stuck in to -. Even if your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad is in a protective case can easily pocket, briefcase or laptop bag fit for easy transport. " The IK Multimedia iRig MIC Cast is designed to acquire with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are used and is now around 40 or 30 € $ worldwide.

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