Monday, February 8, 2016

New Apple Watch 2 start not until autumn 2016

Last week we heard that the production of Apple Watch was 2 delays, and now we have a few more details about the second generation smartwatch.

According to a recent report, 2 the Apple Watch will not start until autumn 2016, although Apple to make some changes to the existing Apple Watch on their event in March.

Apple will announce apparently some new bands for the Apple Watch at its press event in March and there may be some new partnerships with other businesses special editions of the device such as the Hermes Apple Watch Ion, which was announced last year.

As well as some possible new color options for Apple's smartwatch will bring in the equipment, the company also has a new version of its clock software release in the form of watchOS 2.2, the new features.

Apple is also announced, apparently their new smaller iPhone at the press event in March, the handset is rumored to be the iPhone 6C, and it will come with a smaller 4-inch display.

So it looks like we have to wait until much later in the year, the second generation of Apple Watch is to see the device, is likely to put on the Apple iPhone 7 press event in September 2016 known.

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