Monday, February 8, 2016

confirms iPhone " Error 53 " issue of Apple

Some owners of the iPhone, the repairs to her TouchID sensor according to unofficial workshops were had always an "error 53" message on their cell phone when they update their device to iOS 9 or higher.

Apple has now confirmed the problem and explained that it refers ID touching on the handsets when an unofficial part was used for the home button.

You can see an explanation of Apple down on the error 53 output on the iPhone, which was given to Apple Insider.

"We take customer security very seriously and Error 53 is the result of safety inspections designed to protect our customers," the company said. "IOS checked that the touch sensor ID correctly matches the device other components in your iPhone or iPad. If iOS finds a mismatch, proposes the review and Touch ID, including for Apple Pay application is disabled. This security measure is necessary to protect your device and a fraudulent Touch ID sensor can be used. When a customer error is 53, we encourage them to contact Apple support. "

So it looks like Apple has built additional security in their iPhones touch associated ID and the fingerprint sensor, the fingerprint sensor into account for Apple Pay is used and also buys in Apple's online store, it is hardly surprising.

If you have had this problem with you listeners, look at Apple turn the problem to get solved.

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