Sunday, March 6, 2016

The TraveLamp Phone

If you have a smartphone, then you have probably used the flashlight to find your way through a dark area. Usually this just means a trip to the bathroom at night, or you can use the key under the car seat, but we do not know where we would be at this point without it. If you like the idea, existing members love that always drawn light gizmos from multifunctional, and are in direction, then the idea of ​​your phone into a lamp of rotation is likely to be a tantalizing one.
This TraveLamp is a small telephone system, which looks like a lamp, and is your phone in one! The idea is that these soft white silicone is sitting on top of the flash, the detection and the light has prevailed from your phone and more evenly than the focused beam it spreads normally would be produced. The top of it looks like a chunky lamp, and the floor is an elastic band that to go over the phone, so that you can position the lamp properly. Since this is only $ 13 cost, it would make a great phone accessory be light, be a better source of illumination than just a flashlight. For example, it would help later to stay on the phone, without ruining the eyes by to give you some backlight your peripheral vision. This would also be useful to be late for work, reading or studying, if you worry about other people in the room or in the hallway. It is very nice and not too expensive if your situation dictate its usefulness for your life.

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