Friday, March 4, 2016

MiLi Power Pack for iPhone

Following the first part of our review of the MiLi Power Pack for the iPhone, I have had a good chance to test it in the last few days and see how well it performs to keep the iPhone juiced.

Overall, the MiLi Power Pack seems to do a good job on the charging of the iPhone, and it is sure to be useful when I go on vacation, because I seem to spend most of the time charge my iPhone.

The best part is that it will work with the 2G and 3G iPhone, which is quite handy as I use both, it's a little bulky, but I suppose that's a small price for the extra battery power to pay ,

The manufacturer claims that it will give you 350 hours standby time, up to 6 hours of tlak time on 3G or 12 hours on 2G, and that you get a an additional 6 hours of web browsing on 3G or 7 on Wifi.

They also claim that it will provide an additional 28 hours audio playback and up to an additional 8 hours of video playback, the only one that I have had a chance to test too far, is the video playback, I was in Being able to see 4 videos on it before it must be recharged, which is slightly more than 7 hours.

Overall, I think the MiLi Power Pack for iPhone is a great accessory for both the 2G and 3G iPhone especially if you are a heavy user, most of the time spent recharging it.

The MiLi Power Pack is available for £ 44.99 (about $ 62) from Juice Pack.


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